Thursday, 29 May 2014

How To Make A GP Base

The GP Base from Gundam Build Fighters is quite a thing to be fancy about for every Gunpla Builder. Have you ever want one for yourself ?

You can get a GP Base stand in the stores today.....

But what if you didn't have your chance to get one ?

WORRY NOT ! :3 i will teach you how to make one for yourself :3

[[ Updates on latest GP Base Design ::: ]]

STEP 1 :::::

download this GP Base Template....

(PPSE logo PlavskyParticleSystemEngineering,OriginalWorks/Idea of GP_Base Template belongs to GundamBuildFighter creator team/Bandai)

STEP 2 ::::
Download the Michroma Font and install it to your computer system.

This font is the font used for the GP Base. You can use this font for the text to fill up the info for the GP Base.

Step 3 ::::::
Edit the information of the GP Base template using any editing programs. ( you can use Paint to insert text.)

BUILDER --> Name of the kit builder
FIGHTER -- > Owner of the kit

SCALE --> 1/144 , 1/100 , 1/60 etc.
CLASS -- > HG , MG , RG , PG (grades)
MODEL no. --> you will find the model number on the box of the model kit ... if not , some Google work will help
NAME : name of your model kit.

Step 4 ::::
Transfer the editted template to your device.

ANDDD .......


A GP BASE ! :3 complete with light up effect :3


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  2. excuse me, do you know how to make the grade logos? like yours, MG and HG in blue color

    1. I just use Paint , any edit programs + Times New Roman font

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  4. can I know whether the template you provided above suites the GP base? or I need to resize it to certain dimensions? please let me know :D

    1. Im sorry that i have no idea of the actual dimension of Bandai's GP base , but the template here is measured 658x988

    2. Ouh, I already done with all the editing. I just have no idea when it 's time to print it out lol

    3. :D u sure did enjoyed it :D stay tuned for the latest design of GP base featured in GBFT , if i can get the Yajima Logo :D