Thursday, 29 May 2014

HG 1/144 MSM- 08 ZOGOK [Unicorn Ver.] - PAINTED BUILD

Ghehehe ~ the Zogok , i find him really cute xDD ,

What do you think of the red i pick for Zogok ? Compared to the original color , i prefer it with this red.

Close up....

The clear parts can actually be removed ......

and the eye has a ball joint , which allows the eye to be moved in all directions....

Weapons includes the Heat Sword ( with one opaque blade and one clear transparent blade) and 2x Strum Faust :3

His arm also comes with extendable hands !

and the Boomerang cutters !

For your info , the waist of Zoguk can't be moved because of the tubes attached on his back....

Please be careful also with the Strum Faust holder because it can break easily. I have heard of many cases having the holder broken during build process.

ZOGUK and Z'GOK , which one do you like ? do leave you comment below !! ^^

Nowadays , i realize that GP Base (from GBF series) is quite a trend , and I have seen people doing something which interest me alot ! so i decided to do the same :3

HAH ! BEAUTIFUL ! xD ... right ? xDD

In case you haven't got your chance to get a GP Base stand or you would like to make one like mine , you can now learn it here (How To Make GP Base).

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