Tuesday, 21 October 2014

HG Gundam Thunderbolt : MS-06R Zaku II HM Type "Psycho Zaku"

the HG Gundam Thunderbolt : MS - 06R Zaku ii High Mobility Type "Psycho Zaku".
This kit at 2,295 yen , i must say this is the HG that is most worth the price , considering the design , amount of plastic , parts seperation , the hardwork on this piece of Gunpla.

This kit is whole LOT of AWESOMENESS !!

My WIP :::::::

i started off this kit with building the body first.....
i avoid using the stickers on this kit , so i painted parts where stickers are supposed to be applied on :D

this kit comes with a piece of stickers and a piece of decals.




To be honest that this kit hurts my finger ALOT , due to the amount of small parts in this kit ~

The gold parts are especially the most finger-hurting parts , because they are really really tiny @@
and i got a few cuts on my fingers when im doing nub removal procedures.... T^T

On the skirt armor , i accidentally ruined a hidden part of it ~ so i decide to give some minor "damage" to cover up my mistake xD hahaha

Still look fabulous ay ? xD hahaha

Completed the body together with decals ,,,,,

As for the back , this kit has a amazing full-armor-like back , with extra weapons , weapon armor with two long "tubes" attached on....

loading all the weapons to the back  :::::

All loaded ::::::
and you get a fabulous looking back ~


now , if you realize , there are two squarish tabs on the top part of the back pack ..... it actually the "Arms" to fetch the weapon from the back ~ .....

You will be given two modes of these , one is folded into a squarish tab , another one is opened up ~

How i wish that this is articulated , sadly no .... (the only bad thing bout this kit)

As for me i prefer to make use of the "Arms" so i decided to pose mine with the opened "arms"

If you are wondering about the stability of this kit without the stand ....

It will still able to stand straight without the stand , the lower "tube" will act as a support for this kit to stand up straight ~ so worry not :D

Overall , this kit is TOO awesome :D i would recommend this kit to whoever loves full armor kits , ballistic kits , Zaku fans , and those who love red :D xD


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Wednesday, 8 October 2014


So what is your impression on the Gundam Build Fighter Season 2 , GBF Try ? xD

The first episode is released , Wednesday , 8th October 2014 , 7pm

and you can watch it here , on gundam.info Youtube channel :

Spoiler :

Credits : Toymaker.