Monday, 17 November 2014


I think everyone realize that there is a minor change on the latest GP Base you see in the all new season Gundam Build Fighters Try.

Previously I made a tutorial on how to make a GP Base , which that is the old one which s featured in the first season of GBF , <<HERE>>

Today I will make a little GP Base update to the latest design ,

Instructions :::

Step 1 ::
Download the template above.

Step 2 ::
Download the Michroma Font and install it.

Step 3 ::
Edit the information of the GP Base template using any editing programs. ( you can use Paint to insert text.)

BUILDER --> Name of the kit builder
FIGHTER -- > Owner of the kit

SCALE --> 1/144 , 1/100 , 1/60 etc.
CLASS -- > HG , MG , RG , PG (grades)
MODEL no. --> you will find the model number on the box of the model kit ... if not , some Google work will help
NAME : name of your model kit.

Step 4 ::
Transfer the editted template to your device.

*Anyone who like to contribute us a better GP template or "YAJIMA" logo may email the images to us at :D

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