Monday, 24 November 2014


As always , i have waited for my chance to get a kit at a promotional price :D
If im not wrong this kit cost about 11,900yen

yes , i present you my Pg Strike Gundam , my FIRST EVER PG in my collection :D

WIP :::::::::

Started off the kit with the legs ~ em' legs are just sexayyyyyyy xD

And yes , i painted it to a dull metallic-candy red ~ from what I have researched , I concluded that a dull color give more of a realistic image hahah~

For the legs , there are metal parts to support the articulation....

The inner frame is also painted using Alclad II Lacquer - Black chrome. a type of extremely dangerous mixture , so if you are gonna use this paint , please take precautions.

Shiny :D 

Legs done~

Then i proceed with the waist and body ...

Yes , same metallic color ~ (guide for this paint techniques qill be shown below :D )

Then the arms and head ...

Arms with frame painted :D

The skull

Test fitting with Aile Striker

LED test...
The yellow LED is not so satisfying to me therefore i decided to DIY a LED unit for it ....

For more info about the LED unit please visit ::

Here , i will also guide you on the paint technique that i used for my PG

I will be using the shield to show how i do it :::

FIRST : give the surface a GLOSS BLACK base layer. MUST be GLOSS.

Then proceed with a layer of ALCLAD II LACQUER - CHROME. you might wanna search up on how to use the alclad paint , because it isn't any regular paint.

Lastly , do a finishing coat using any clear color of your choice :D


You can play around with the shades you like by doing the clear color layer , the more layer there is, the darker the color gets.

the Aile Striker ....(more info for the aile striker will be posted when i get my skygrasper done)

Weapons ......

Beam riffle .... painted with matte black and black chrome ....

The GRAND SLAM...painted as well ...

Beam Sabers .... replaced with modified metal beam saber , and so does it light up :D

Armor Schneiders .....  the whole thing came in balck ... i didn't paint it , those will be hidden in the pockets anyway , plus i ran out of paint xD so does being a little lazy hahahah xD


I decided not to cover up too much of the PG details with the decals .... so only put up some of the decals

Well , my 1st PG .....hmmm~ i actually think i have alot more to learn ~ all i did was building painting it ~ how would you rate my first PG ?  xD Please leave me a comment :D