Thursday, 29 May 2014

HG 1/144 MSM- 08 ZOGOK [Unicorn Ver.] - PAINTED BUILD

Ghehehe ~ the Zogok , i find him really cute xDD ,

What do you think of the red i pick for Zogok ? Compared to the original color , i prefer it with this red.

Close up....

The clear parts can actually be removed ......

and the eye has a ball joint , which allows the eye to be moved in all directions....

Weapons includes the Heat Sword ( with one opaque blade and one clear transparent blade) and 2x Strum Faust :3

His arm also comes with extendable hands !

and the Boomerang cutters !

For your info , the waist of Zoguk can't be moved because of the tubes attached on his back....

Please be careful also with the Strum Faust holder because it can break easily. I have heard of many cases having the holder broken during build process.

ZOGUK and Z'GOK , which one do you like ? do leave you comment below !! ^^

Nowadays , i realize that GP Base (from GBF series) is quite a trend , and I have seen people doing something which interest me alot ! so i decided to do the same :3

HAH ! BEAUTIFUL ! xD ... right ? xDD

In case you haven't got your chance to get a GP Base stand or you would like to make one like mine , you can now learn it here (How To Make GP Base).

How To Make A GP Base

The GP Base from Gundam Build Fighters is quite a thing to be fancy about for every Gunpla Builder. Have you ever want one for yourself ?

You can get a GP Base stand in the stores today.....

But what if you didn't have your chance to get one ?

WORRY NOT ! :3 i will teach you how to make one for yourself :3

[[ Updates on latest GP Base Design ::: ]]

STEP 1 :::::

download this GP Base Template....

(PPSE logo PlavskyParticleSystemEngineering,OriginalWorks/Idea of GP_Base Template belongs to GundamBuildFighter creator team/Bandai)

STEP 2 ::::
Download the Michroma Font and install it to your computer system.

This font is the font used for the GP Base. You can use this font for the text to fill up the info for the GP Base.

Step 3 ::::::
Edit the information of the GP Base template using any editing programs. ( you can use Paint to insert text.)

BUILDER --> Name of the kit builder
FIGHTER -- > Owner of the kit

SCALE --> 1/144 , 1/100 , 1/60 etc.
CLASS -- > HG , MG , RG , PG (grades)
MODEL no. --> you will find the model number on the box of the model kit ... if not , some Google work will help
NAME : name of your model kit.

Step 4 ::::
Transfer the editted template to your device.

ANDDD .......


A GP BASE ! :3 complete with light up effect :3

Saturday, 24 May 2014


AS everyone knows , the Bearguy-III , a cutie custom made mobile suit by a cutie , China Kousaka :3

I do have a Bearguy that i have work on previously , which is quite an achievement that time and now a bigger achievement with improvement on my second Bearguy ...

here is a picture of my previous Bearguy :::

Say HI

and now i present you my new Bearguy-III with improvements on paint mixing and painting skills.

I also have done what China Kousaka did to the Bearguy she made ! :3


What is extra cute with my Bearguy is that my Bearguy have a HEART <3 !!

LOL ! What do you think ? xD 

Comparing my new Bearguy and old Bearguy , I'm very sure it shows improvements on my skills :3

 Close up to the old Bearguy ::::

Bad handling , Thick paint layers ...Honestly , it looks bad but , to me , it is an achievement that moment.

Close up to my new Bearguy ::::

Better now right ? :3 even the gold color is better :3 one mistake that i still did not handle this Bearguy properly that he got some small scratches here and there.  

Decided to keep my new Bearguy's  ribbon booster to the original color , where previously i painted it red.

SO , what do you think ? any advice for me to improve more ? do leave a comment for me !! :3

Monday, 19 May 2014

MG1/100 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam

Another set I got at a promotional price :3 this set cost 5000 yen :3
I personally like this pink Psycho Frame Unicorn compared to the Full Armor Unicorn , and the set that comes with the HD Color + MS Cage , well , not sure why i prefer not to pay extra for that ><

The fisrt thing I do is to open the box and check the parts , and NOOOOOO , foil stickers for the V-Fin !?
No way !!

So i decided to paint it with yellow Artline Multipen , since it is just a small part , i don't have to use the airbrush .
The results are quite satisfying , just that you will find it difficult to panel line it after you paint a particular part.

Yeah >:D with the awesome UC logo :3 
During the build i don't find any major problems ... except that I hope that Unicorn comes with clear parts for the thighs.
Did anyone paid attention to Unicorn's thigh in the anime ?

AFter i complete my build , i realize that some parts of the panel line keep wearing off from the plastic

Realize the panel lining isnt clear for the parts in the red box.
So what i do is , i try to cut a deeper line so the ink to stain in.

The shoulder piece

The chest piece

And the results ..... 

Looks better ? :3 

And then finally ....... Unicorn Gundam in Unicorn Mode :3 

i like the color of the booster and shoes very much xD 

and with the beam magnum and shield .... :3 ( i built the hyper bazooka for him but i did not install it) 

The beam magnum .... DAYUKMMMM just love it @@ 

Now ....... The ..... DESTROY MODE...... 

Too awesome !!!! 

So , now i have the Unicorn and the Banshee ...... which is you favorite ??? xDD 

Friday, 16 May 2014


Yes ! Unicorn Banshee ! Got this at a promotion price ! xD originally this set cost 5,500 yen :3


Painted some parts with copper gold , and i purposely place the "horn" that way haha ,

and the most interesting feature of this set is the DESTROY MODE !!!!

That fabulous leg , and his heels making him look taller <3 love it <3

I'm not sure if i set up the Destroy Mode properly , i do face some problems setting it up cuz' it is kinda complicated @@

And....this kit actually comes with some extra parts from the Unicorn ,

It is so beautiful that i'm not gonna waste it ..... will plan later on what imma do with it haha , but for now i am placing it on the back ...

To be honest , the orange clear Psycho Frame actually look very very dull on Banshee .... so there is one thing to do about it is either you spray a layer of luminous paint for the Psycho frame or you set up LEDs for this set and , i have made my decision to set up LEDs for mine ^^ But first i will do some research on setting up LEDs because this is gonna be my first Gundam for me to set up LEDs ... and i don't wanna ruin this beautiful set !! Wish me luck and i will update you again !!

 BY THE WAY , stay tuned for my MG 1/100 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (yes i do have one in my backlog , MUAHAHAH xDD) .