Sunday, 4 May 2014

RG 1/144 Gundam Mk-II Titans

Yay ! The black version of Gundam Mk- II .
And as always The special RG 1/144 inner frame.

If you can spot it , i actually used Mechanical pencil to do the panel lines instead of tht Gundam panel lining pen... and I also painted a few parts of the inner frame silver.

Legs are done first :3 then the chest ...

and then I proceed with the head next (an advice for all Gunpla builder : I high recommend to build the head LAST due to the fragile V-fin. i almost break the V-fin again >< )

Then the shoulders and arms

The the booster ... as for the exhaust on the booster ... i applied some nail polish to the exhaust to tighten it because it is abit lose.

And the finally ... the weapons ...

Will proceed with the decals next xD  i will post a photography album for this when it is ready xD

A little teaser first ? xD

Realize that the [TITANS] decal is misplaced , and yup i placed it properly already. ^^

UPDATE  5/5/2014

decals done
but im not really satisfied with the topcoat ... lol

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