Friday, 22 August 2014

GUNDAM DUEL COMPANY - Online Browser Trading Cards Game.

Yep , the latest Trading Card game, The Gundam Duel Company , which you can play it online. Does not require any downloads , easily just visit , register and play :D If you have a BandaiNamco-ID , you can use it to login in without registering :D

Here are some screenshots of the game .....

Once you login , you will be given 15 rental cards , I am not sure if the cards have expiry date or not.
You can also purchase cards for the game , which is obviously purchased cards are way more better than free rental cards. 
You can purchase the cards from stores nearest to you >

I bought myself two starter packs , the Version 0 Special Order.... and I got a free rare foil card and a pack of 3-cards-Version1 Duel Company Card .  xD 

I will begin with general introduction for the card.

The front of the card , you will have a very very very awesome picture of a Gundam/Mobile suit.

Flip the card to the back , you will have the information of the Gundam/Mobile suit of your card on the left section. On the left section , you will find a code and a QR bar on the card , where in the game you key in the code , then you will have the card in the game and of course you can use it in the game. If you have a card which you haven't key in to the game , DO NOT SHOW THE CODE TO ANYONE.

There are some cards with special texture too ..... My Duel Gundam card has a shiny silver font ....

Other than the shiny font , you might also get cards with this colorful-squares-bling-bling xD  for example my GM Striker card xD

A rare foil card comes together if you buy 2 or more starter packs, 
Strike Rouge is what I've got for free for buying the EFF and SEED starter pack version 0.
In the pictures below , the Strike Rogue card , as you can see , have a shiny texture for the whole card and the card is marked "NOT FOR SALE"

Unboxing for Gundam Duel Company : Special Order EFF pack.

If you stay outside of Japan , you will see the yellow sticker on you pack. I'm not sure what is the purpose ... hmmmm ..... Anyway , i don't think it will affect the gameplay .... haha .... 
Yes and you can see the original BANDAI logo , be sure to check that when you buy your pack :D 

when you open the box , you will be greeted by the GRANDDADDY <3 <3 <3 ! RX-78-2 GUNDAM with silver font xD

Then you take it you and turn it to the back , there will be a list of the names of the cards
A starter pack consist of 8 cards in total , 6 mobile suit cards and 2 pilot cards.

Cards layout ..... 

Amuro ray ..... hello xD 

and ....

The Gundam Duel Company : Special Order SEED pack. 

Well not sure why this have a extra silver sticker on it ... and same ... the yellow sticker .... 

Then you open it .... Strike Gundam welcomes you xD and yes , with silver font also xD 

The card list ~

Card layout .... same thing ,total of 8 cards , 6 MS cards and 2 pilot cards 

Starter pack is also available for the ZEON and OO series.

And the the free Version 01 Duel Company 3-cards-pack xD

As for the Version 01 , you can buy a pack of 3 cards or a box of 60 cards. 

Try this game today ! It is  free anyway , no harm trying xD 
Good luck Have Fun :D 

Sunday, 17 August 2014


This is not a Gunpla but i think it is worth sharing :3

My August work , the 1/24 Panzer Tier Zoid  Deathpion , a 1983 vintage kit. I spotted this old box at the corner of the rack in the shop so i decided to get it since i thought the price is worth a old kit xD

This is actually a battery-powered motor operated kit , Which mean that this actually can move ( walking , moving pincers , moving tail ) just by putting in a single AA battery.

This kit is in production until a new Full Armor ver. came out in 2003.

OKAY so here is my painted build ......

To say , this kit is actually very easy . All you have to do is assemble the legs,tail, and pincers , then cut out the armors and easily put them on to the body.

So , originally the armor is white in color , but white plastic kept so long in the corner will eventually turn yellowish , and so it happened to this kit which results to deciding yellow for the armor color xD

Then to strike out the extra coolness of the yellow , i have painted the whole skeleton black , which i think it looks like a real scorpion after painting it black xDD

Now the overall .....

It actually have two exhaust pipe alike parts for the "head" of this kit , but i decided to make it look modern so i didn't assemble it on. The blue clear parts for the mono eye is cool and cool xD i like it.

Decals are given as well , but i use only a few given just to keep it simple , not too complex .....

I don't have a video of Deathpion being operated ..... but you can watch this video by MegaDragonDiao ....

In this video the original kit is shown......

If you have this kit , I hope you can share it with me xD