Friday, 16 May 2014


Yes ! Unicorn Banshee ! Got this at a promotion price ! xD originally this set cost 5,500 yen :3


Painted some parts with copper gold , and i purposely place the "horn" that way haha ,

and the most interesting feature of this set is the DESTROY MODE !!!!

That fabulous leg , and his heels making him look taller <3 love it <3

I'm not sure if i set up the Destroy Mode properly , i do face some problems setting it up cuz' it is kinda complicated @@

And....this kit actually comes with some extra parts from the Unicorn ,

It is so beautiful that i'm not gonna waste it ..... will plan later on what imma do with it haha , but for now i am placing it on the back ...

To be honest , the orange clear Psycho Frame actually look very very dull on Banshee .... so there is one thing to do about it is either you spray a layer of luminous paint for the Psycho frame or you set up LEDs for this set and , i have made my decision to set up LEDs for mine ^^ But first i will do some research on setting up LEDs because this is gonna be my first Gundam for me to set up LEDs ... and i don't wanna ruin this beautiful set !! Wish me luck and i will update you again !!

 BY THE WAY , stay tuned for my MG 1/100 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (yes i do have one in my backlog , MUAHAHAH xDD) .


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