Monday, 19 May 2014

MG1/100 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam

Another set I got at a promotional price :3 this set cost 5000 yen :3
I personally like this pink Psycho Frame Unicorn compared to the Full Armor Unicorn , and the set that comes with the HD Color + MS Cage , well , not sure why i prefer not to pay extra for that ><

The fisrt thing I do is to open the box and check the parts , and NOOOOOO , foil stickers for the V-Fin !?
No way !!

So i decided to paint it with yellow Artline Multipen , since it is just a small part , i don't have to use the airbrush .
The results are quite satisfying , just that you will find it difficult to panel line it after you paint a particular part.

Yeah >:D with the awesome UC logo :3 
During the build i don't find any major problems ... except that I hope that Unicorn comes with clear parts for the thighs.
Did anyone paid attention to Unicorn's thigh in the anime ?

AFter i complete my build , i realize that some parts of the panel line keep wearing off from the plastic

Realize the panel lining isnt clear for the parts in the red box.
So what i do is , i try to cut a deeper line so the ink to stain in.

The shoulder piece

The chest piece

And the results ..... 

Looks better ? :3 

And then finally ....... Unicorn Gundam in Unicorn Mode :3 

i like the color of the booster and shoes very much xD 

and with the beam magnum and shield .... :3 ( i built the hyper bazooka for him but i did not install it) 

The beam magnum .... DAYUKMMMM just love it @@ 

Now ....... The ..... DESTROY MODE...... 

Too awesome !!!! 

So , now i have the Unicorn and the Banshee ...... which is you favorite ??? xDD 

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