Monday, 28 April 2014

Building in Starbucks

Ahhh xD so I can't continue with my F91 today because I had a day out with my buddy ^^V but then I bought a DabanModel System Base and did it in Starbucks haha xD well , i have my tools with me haha xD
Had the Starbucks workers saying we (my buddy and I) are artistic - [he was drawing Lightning from Final Fantasy.]

Starbucks just love to give me nicknames ... My name isn't Lem... hmmmm ....

My tools
The plastic quality is not bad ^^
But the manual is quite confusing @@
Done with the frame and planned to do some weathering ^^ 
Will need some thinner to mesh up and balance the paint but i don't have my thinner that time. 
And finally .... xD
ignore everything other than the System Base LOL 
Well as for this one i don't really care bout the colour , i want it to look as old as i can make .... First time doing such things and effect. @@ I will need to get back home to do the final touch up.

Sorry because i haven't got time to update my blog earlier and unfortunately the internet networks is not working very well and now i finally can... haha
I'm still not home yet haha ,will be visiting a Gundam shop tomorrow! Let's see what I can get there tomorrow  haha ^^

Sunday, 27 April 2014

WIP : HG 1/144 F91 Gundam [PART3] - FALCON 91

Well , I think I am going real slow with this project , not much time I can spend on Gunplas recently ...too many activities ><

Anyway , here is the continuation of my Falcon 91 ... :3
With the decal on the chest ! What do you think ? xD 

Clean up abit of the mess on the head but still look kinda messy....

Back view , will be adding something to the part that I have modified 

So basically the top body is done , what is left to do is the legs and detailing :3 Please stay tuned for more ! And please don't mind my slow progress >< 

Friday, 25 April 2014

Gunpla Grades Guide

Recently , I see lot of beginners asking on Gunpla grades. Here are some pictures that will guide you on the Gunpla grades.


I hope these picture can help you understand more about Gunpla Grades ! ^^ 

WIP : HG 1/144 F91 Gundam [PART2] - FALCON 91

So last night I was playing with my candy and the candy actually gave me an idea ... ahaha

and ..... TAdAA
A pair of wings ! 
AND TADAAA ... painted ^^
well ... since im still new to epoxy putty and pla plate , which i used to make the head ... I made a big mess for the head @@

well .... Have to practice and find ways to clean up the mess x.x (please suggest me ways too ><! ) 

So what do you think about Falcon 91 ? ^^ 
Please leave a comment. ^^ and do tell me ways to improve too ! ^^

Thursday, 24 April 2014

WIP : HG 1/144 F91 Gundam [PART1] - FALCON 91

While waiting for my Strike Freedom garage kit to arrive [expected to arrive in May] , i decided to start off with one of my HG projects xD .... The Falcon 91. I decided to proceed with this project because the V-fin of my F91 broke -.-

As for today , I tried to complete as much as I can for his helmet. It is also my first time using epoxy putty... I'm not sure if I use the putty in a correct way and I will be thinking of more idea to make it look better. :3
Broken V-fin replaced.

 Will be stopping here for today because I'm tired x.x haha ^^
What do you think of the design ? I hope it will look better after i paint it. :3

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

WIP : Strike Freedom [PART 1]

Recently , I took out one of my Gunplas which I did during my process of learning , the MG 1/100 Strike Freedom.

It is so sad to see my previous work done so badly :( ... but also happy to know that i have improved so much from before! :D

So I took the Gundam out and remove the layer of dust from it and UNFORTUNATELY I broke a part of the Dragoon unit !! T^T
Well , no other choices but to fix it ....

First attempt : fix it with some cut off plastic and PC parts from bootleg SD Gundams ( Tips : if you want to get parts for fix works , bootleg sets comes useful and its cheap. )

The 1st attempt failed and i figured out that the broken male part doesn't grip well.

2nd attempt : fix it with wooden stick and PC parts from bootleg SD Gundams.

And it works well using wooden stick. Gives enough friction to hold the parts together. ^^

please don't mind the nubs >< trying to fix it before sanding nubs off

When i thought its finally fixed , then I realize that one of my Dragoon Unit funnels when missing (*flip table*). So I decided to get the Wing of Light effect parts for it to cover up the missing part.
(The next day I found the missing part in my room xD haha)

I heard that there is no Bandai Wing of Light effect parts for 1/100 MG Strike Freedom , therefore I got the China product for a low price.
Put the the effect parts on the Dragoon Unit and i realize that the fixed part doesn't support the weight well.

Then i go for the 3rd attempt fixing it with thicker wooden stick and a different shape PC part from the previous one . and TADA !!! finally satisfied with it !

Looking at it , such a beautiful Gundam..... at the end i decided to give my Strike Freedom some upgrade.
what you see here isn't a complete work of my Strike Freedom. Please stay tuned for more!!! ^^

MG 1/100 Gundam Heavy Arms EW Ver.

Here , I present you my MG 1/100 Gundam Heavy Arms a.k.a H-Arms EW Ver. xD

H-Arm Box Art
As for mine, hehe I really love to see it with extra weapons xD , therefore I bought two sets , have the Gatling gun from both set and ....tada!!!! ...  .xD
(ONE set comes with only ONE Gatling gun.)

And.... I do not know why ....but i prefer H-Arms without any decals... haha

I sold the set without the Gatling gun to a friend at a lower price with the melee weapon.

Well , giving H-Arms two Gatling guns , you will face some minor articulation problems and also you need to modify some parts in order to fit another Gatling gun for H-Arms. You might also find it difficult to balance on his legs due to the weight of his top body with his extra gun.

Modified back booster .

A set of H-Arms is sold at 3,990yen. You might consider to get two sets of these if you would like to give it an extra Gatling gun. haha xDD

Gunpla Building Guide and Tips

Some videos on how to build a Gunpla by Meijin Kawaguchi , Master of The Bandai Hobby .
The videos will show you steps from beginner to advanced including cutting parts from the gate , removing nubs , minor detailing and modifications , battle damage , weathering , painting techniques and panel lining.

Hope will will learn something from these videos. :D These videos do not have English subtitles but you will understand it by just watching. ^^

Video via Busterbeam

Gundam Apparel: GUNDAM x Reebok Classic Pump Fury 20th Anniversary - Sport Sneakers

Reebok coming out with Gundam products *0* awesome isn't it ?
Which one would you prefer ? CHOOSE YOUR SUIT. xDD

Image via hk-kicks

MG 1/100 Build Fighters Sengoku Astray

The MG 1/100 Sengoku Astray from Gundam Build Fighter series.
Mobile suit by Nils Neilson.

Box Art of MG Sengoku Astray.

As for my Sengoku Astray , i added two extra katanas for him ^^

Looking so cool when he have his arms crossed.

Awesome armor details

This kit is totally amazing. I just love it so much especially his shield and weapon ! 

Oni no Tate! I prefer to leave the shield on his back because I have him holding katanas in all of his hands haha xD
Kata Yoroi , his shoulder armor , which is also his extra hands ! cool isn't it ? xD

Although Nils Nielson failed to win over Reiji and Iori Sei in the story of Gundam Build Fighters series , he is still so cool having the Particle Alteration Coating on his katanas , special skill-The Fa Jin . 
(more info on :侍ノ弐_Sengoku_Astray_Gundam). 
I think I will get a Fuunsaiki ( for him xD well , if available for MG , Im not sure if there is haha. 

This kit at 5,000yen is totally worth it.