Monday, 28 July 2014


For the past weekend i visited Penang Island in Malaysia !

I am so excited  to know there there is a Model Kit gallery there ! so i have change my plans and schedule so that i can visit the gallery ! and YES i made it !! XD

You actually have to enter GWING HOBBY BASE to go into the gallery.
GWING is actually a hobby store where they sales tools and kits :D




There are more to come. the racks are not fully installed as they have a few more racks to be moved into the gallery when i visited the place , but it is open for visiting !

If you have a chance you should visit the place !!
Enjoy your visit !! xD

Gunpla Facts : Did You Know ?

Friday, 25 July 2014

Symbols and Meaning (Gunpla's Manual Guide)

As you build , you will come across some symbols in the manual .
You will find in some manuals , the meaning of the symbols are written at the bottom of the manual's page. But it is in Japanese , which some of us can't understand.

Therefore , i will show you the symbols and tell you what it means :D

Symbol : A brush.
Meaning : Apply glue here.

You seldom find this in manuals of kits nowadays because Bandai has develop to a level where kits can be built without using glue now. :D

Symbol : White circle BIGGER than black circle.
Meaning : Assemble/install this section first.

Symbol : white circle SMALLER than black circle.
Meaning : Assemble/install this section last.

Symbol : Peel up layer with Japanese label.
Meaning : Apply STICKER (number/alphabet) here.

Symbol : A pointy object pointing at a black dot with label.
Meaning : Apply DECAL (number / alphabet) here.

Symbol : Cutter / Nipper.
Meaning : Cut this part.

Symbol : Curve arrows pointing in two opposite directions in a half black half white box.
Meaning : Move a particular part , as well as the opposite part.

This symbol you will usually see it in most of the MG kits when you are assembling the waist , where the part which joins the legs.

Symbol : Screw driver with exclamation mark ( ! )
Meaning : Beware when tightening part with screw. Do not over tighten the screw.

Symbol : Arrows pointing at opposite side , each side with negative color(black / white) with part label.
Meaning : Part labelled is to be installed on the opposite side.

Symbol : Exclamation mark ( ! ) in a black box.
Meaning : Pay attention to this part.

Symbol : X2
Meaning : Repeat procedure twice.

Symbol : Arrow in circle motion with degree label.
Meaning : Rotate the particular part as indicated (90* / 180* / 360*)

This is some Mathematics.
You may leave a comment below with your email to ask me about this. :D

Symbol : Two arrows point at a white bar in the middle.
Meaning : Install identical / same part for the opposite side.

Symbol : Circle and Triangle.
Meaning : Select / Choose a piece of two (or more) part given and assemble.

For example , MG Zaku Shin Matsunaga , you may choose between , the Stabilizer horn or the Normal horn for the head.

Symbol : Character (前) with arrow point at a direction.
Meaning : The front of the part / piece facing the direction according to the arrow.

(前) means front in Chinese , which i guess is the same in Japanese.

Symbol : Number in black diamonds.
Meaning : Install parts according to the number in ascending order. (1>2>3>4> and onwards)

This is also some Mathematics xD
May leave your email in the comment section bellow to ask if you are confused. xDD

Symbol : Japanese writing. (like sound expression you see in manga/Japan comics)
Meaning : Parts will be snap fitted correctly once you hear sound of pieces snapped together.

The writing probably means the sound of "Pak" or "Tac" , as long as there is sound xD

I hope that this will help you with your building ^^
If i have left out any symbols , or you would like to ask more about the symbols , please leave a comment below ^^

Enjoy your Gunpla ! xD

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

MG 1/100 Shin Matsunaga Custom Zaku II MS-06FS

My FIRST Zaku in my collection xD.
I am really happy to find this here in my country , as this one is quite a rare kit here. haha xD

Don't get confuse , this is Shin Matsunaga , some people call it the White Wolf .
There is another white Zaku , the White Ogre , known for his beautiful lizard decal, which his legs isn't as awesome as Shin Matsunaga. xDD

The moment when i receive my parcel *0*

So ! xD some W.i.P photos ......

i started of with the head....

Now if you look at Matsunaga's horn , it takes a specials shape compare to the other Zakus ,
That is know as the Stabilizer horn ....
Of course you want the special horn to be on you kit xDD haha

And , yes, i painted the mono eye , instead of using the sticker provided ... i admit that painting the eye red is abit dull but still looks good xD

Proceeding to the body .....

And for the body , the backpack is to be built together ....
the is one thing you need to pay attention , which is the PC parts in the body which connects the backpack.....

The backpack can only hold together properly if the PC parts is placed the correct way ....

Sorry bad quality photo : This is the back piece of the body that connects to the backpack .... realize the PC parts at the sides.... 

Those tubes .... to be honest , IT HURTS MY FINGER ALOTTTT !!!
You are supposed to push those black "rings" from the runner straight right to the tube , i thought it will be easy but no .....

i end up removing the black rings from the runner one by one by cutting the runner ... and i find out that there are "bumps" on the runner which makes the original procedure to be something difficult , or maybe it is just me too weak to do it the original way xD haha  ... Either way .... as long as the work is done xD haha


Next up the arms and waist.....

 As for the fingers ..... i did something unnecessary , just for the fun and experience .... 

i actually split-ed up the fingers xDD 

Splitting the fingers have both advantage and disadvantage ~ .... 

Advantages are you enable articulations for the fingers , and so you will be able to do more different hand pose. 

Disadvantages are , when trying to arm on a weapon , you will need to do extra procedures to make sure he looks like he is holding the weapon in a proper way..... Isn't a big deal anyway xDD 

Worth it. xD 

Splitting fingers can be easily done using a hobby knife , or maybe a hobby saw blade if you have one. make sure you becareful with it and no to be to rough when splitting it up. 

Next up the legs ~ sexy legs xD 

As you can see , the legs for Matsunaga is not the same as the normal Zakus , and i think it is actually extra cool compared to Johnny's xD 

Each leg have three thrusters , one on each side and one more at the back ...... 

The two red dots are actually paint on it ... 
and believe it or not , i actually painted it using Sharpie Fabric Marker.  
well , as you can see , it works fine , although the paint dry up slow. 

As for the bottome of the leg , i also do some "dirty up" using black Sharpie Fabric Marker . and also for the inner part of the thrusters , i paint them up using the red Sharpie Fabric marker ~ lol 

I just wanna test if i can use the fabrc markers , so i just did it xD 

and thennnnnn ..... body is complete ! xD .... 

As you see I am able to do the Peace sign after splitting the fingers up xD Advantage shown ... xDD 

now the body is done ~ so we proceed to the WEAPONS ! 

The signature  Zaku melee weapon .... the Heat Hawk .... 

Instead of the "heat up" effect ..... i decided to paint my heat hawk silver to match the white body .... 

What do you think ? Silver to match the body color ? or better stick with the "heat up effect" ?? 

This kit also comes with a signature Zaku machine gun .. and Bazookas which you can choose to build better the Prototype Zaku Bazooka(320mm) or the Zaku bazooka (280mm). 

hmm .... 2 ranged weapons ... which one should i choose to arm ? the machine gun ? bazooka ? machine gun ? bazooka ?? ...hmmmm why not BOTH ? xD 

Inspired by the Sinanju Bazooka Gun ... i decided to make one like it ... xD 

Prototype ...... 

and FINALLY ..... 

i think its awesome xDD tell me what you think xDD 

Well ... so the last step would be the decals ....

UNFORTUNATELY .... the water slide decals torn , due to bad handling :( 
well there is still hope , my friend told me a place which i can buy decals ~ let's see if we can get some awesome decal for Matsunaga !! 

I'm also planning to look for some metal parts for Matsunaga , like the tubes , shoulder pad spikes ~ thrusters etc etc ....

So i consider this kit as "semi" complete because the decals aren't done yet .... 
i have been busy with activities for the month of July that is why not much new post is on my blog ... so i would not want to delay this post to next month xD 

well , although it isn't complete (for me) , it is here for you to see ! xD 

before i end this post , i would like to spread a message .... 

#worldpeace #peacenowar #savegaza