Tuesday, 22 April 2014

WIP : Strike Freedom [PART 1]

Recently , I took out one of my Gunplas which I did during my process of learning , the MG 1/100 Strike Freedom.

It is so sad to see my previous work done so badly :( ... but also happy to know that i have improved so much from before! :D

So I took the Gundam out and remove the layer of dust from it and UNFORTUNATELY I broke a part of the Dragoon unit !! T^T
Well , no other choices but to fix it ....

First attempt : fix it with some cut off plastic and PC parts from bootleg SD Gundams ( Tips : if you want to get parts for fix works , bootleg sets comes useful and its cheap. )

The 1st attempt failed and i figured out that the broken male part doesn't grip well.

2nd attempt : fix it with wooden stick and PC parts from bootleg SD Gundams.

And it works well using wooden stick. Gives enough friction to hold the parts together. ^^

please don't mind the nubs >< trying to fix it before sanding nubs off

When i thought its finally fixed , then I realize that one of my Dragoon Unit funnels when missing (*flip table*). So I decided to get the Wing of Light effect parts for it to cover up the missing part.
(The next day I found the missing part in my room xD haha)

I heard that there is no Bandai Wing of Light effect parts for 1/100 MG Strike Freedom , therefore I got the China product for a low price.
Put the the effect parts on the Dragoon Unit and i realize that the fixed part doesn't support the weight well.

Then i go for the 3rd attempt fixing it with thicker wooden stick and a different shape PC part from the previous one . and TADA !!! finally satisfied with it !

Looking at it , such a beautiful Gundam..... at the end i decided to give my Strike Freedom some upgrade.
what you see here isn't a complete work of my Strike Freedom. Please stay tuned for more!!! ^^

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