Monday, 28 April 2014

Building in Starbucks

Ahhh xD so I can't continue with my F91 today because I had a day out with my buddy ^^V but then I bought a DabanModel System Base and did it in Starbucks haha xD well , i have my tools with me haha xD
Had the Starbucks workers saying we (my buddy and I) are artistic - [he was drawing Lightning from Final Fantasy.]

Starbucks just love to give me nicknames ... My name isn't Lem... hmmmm ....

My tools
The plastic quality is not bad ^^
But the manual is quite confusing @@
Done with the frame and planned to do some weathering ^^ 
Will need some thinner to mesh up and balance the paint but i don't have my thinner that time. 
And finally .... xD
ignore everything other than the System Base LOL 
Well as for this one i don't really care bout the colour , i want it to look as old as i can make .... First time doing such things and effect. @@ I will need to get back home to do the final touch up.

Sorry because i haven't got time to update my blog earlier and unfortunately the internet networks is not working very well and now i finally can... haha
I'm still not home yet haha ,will be visiting a Gundam shop tomorrow! Let's see what I can get there tomorrow  haha ^^

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