Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Custom L.E.D Unit - Firefly

The reason I did this custom L.E.D unit because i failed making a standard unit xDD
So yeah , to be able to use this custom unit , there is alot of conditions xD

SO in the picture above you can see that the yellow L.E.D unit isn't that bright and it isn't that satisfying to me .... then i came to thinking to use a brighter L.e.D bulb and custom my own L,E,D unit ~

Cost saving and simple.

This LED I'm making is based to the firefly (an insect with a light up buttock xD )
Simply made from LED bulb , Battery , thread and a small piece of pla-plate.
in this case , I made mine using a blue L.E.D i obtained from a old toy , and 1 x CR1220 flat battery. (you can use different size items as you prefer)

The pla-plate acts as a push and pull mechanisms that enable and disable the circuit... when pushed in , it will disconnect the LED leg from the battery that disconnects the circuit , , and when you pull it , the circuit will be connected as the LED leg touches the battery ....

The thread will maintain the position of the LED legs and the battery~

Well , this isn't a pro way to make a L.E.D unit , but you can make this using items you can get from stores at low price ~ PLEASE be very patience when setting the LeD unit xD

circuit test >>>

heheh so its working , then its ready to be set up in my Gunpla xD

Fabulous ~ xD bright enough to light up the top camera :D

Comparing , the original L.E.D unit and the Firefly unit ....

Both using the same battery , CR1220 , but different bulb size ~  the blue one appears brighter and more beautiful xD

I hope i am able to shared this to help you gain knowledge and get some idea to custom or enhance your Gunpla xD

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