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GUNPLA NEWS - 29-Year-Old man Burns Down House Over Gundam Models

GUNPLA NEWS - 29-Year-Old man Burns Down House Over Gundam Models (Re-blogged from gundamkitscollection)

"A 29-year-old Japanese man has been arrested after burning their house to ground because of a fight with his mother about Gundam model kits.

Takabe Yoshifumi, is a 29-year-old factory worker from a town near Kobe, Japan, was arrested on Sunday October 4, 2009 , 2:00 PM after he burned down the house where he and his mother lived in.

The suspect told the police that he set his room on fire in a suicide attempt while upset after he learned that his mother had thrown away his "valuable" Gundam model kits. Even though Takanabe intended to kill himself, both him and his 55-year-old mother managed to escape the house unharmed. Though, the partially wooden two-story, 2,700 sq. ft. house had nothing left to offer them to stay in for the night after the incident.

news source: escapistmagazine via AnimeNewsNetwork (2009)"


ESCAPIST MAGAZINE: Okay, you know what? On the one hand, I can understand the guy being upset. Beyond obviously being a (rather passionate) fan of the franchise, Gundam models can get kind of pricey. Right now, I have nine or so models on my desk here at the office, probably worth anywhere from $250 to $300, ballpark. And those are medium-quality kits, even.
The highest-quality model kits (like, say, this Perfect Grade Astray Red Frame, for example) can run you anywhere from $150 to $200, and if this guy was as devoted a fan as he appears, he probably had a few of those in his collection. So, we're potentially talking a loss of a few grand here - he was perfectly right to be angry.
But... driven-to-suicide-and-burning-down-the-house angry? That's a bit much, wouldn't you think?

Gear.Gs : As a builder , I do understand how it feels to have a Gunpla worth of our effort , time and Gunpla do play a big part of our life as a builder ... Even for me I never let anyone enter the room where i have my Gunplas in them without my supervision ... because whenever anyone touches your Gunpla , you risk mishandling them and might end up to some thing bad .... 

But do think rationally , please do not do anything irrational , keep calm and fix whatever is broken ... 
Show them that a builder is worth of the Gunpla and be able to fix what is broken ... and then, never forget to blacklist that person who broke your Gunpla ...hahaha 

As for the non-builders , please respect the builders and do not touch what is not yours without permission. You seriously don't want anything bad to happen ... 

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